LapTop TouchPad has stopped working ??

  g4fne72 15:37 18 Dec 2005

Hi all.

I have an IPC TopNote F laptop but the mouse touchpad has stopped working (a normal plugged in mouse still works though).
Have i unknowingly disabled the touchpad mouse & how do i get it to work again ??

Many Thanks

  ade.h 16:14 18 Dec 2005

We can't give an accurate description without knowing the brand of touchpad (may be Synaptics) but they are usually listed in the mouse properties, which is accessed from the Control Panel.

Look for "hardware" or "touchpad" on the tabs and settings such as "use this device" or "disable this device" should be listed there.

Let us know what you find and we can probably talk you through it.

  g4fne72 18:29 18 Dec 2005

Thankyou for response

Under Control Panel i have a "Mouse" icon but this only lists the plug in mouse. No listing for a touch pad mouse ... Any ideas please ??

  woodchip 18:35 18 Dec 2005

Go into Device Manager and uninstall touch pad and restart computer Windows will find new hardware and will ether load drivers or ask for disc or driver file

  rawprawn 18:38 18 Dec 2005

"No listing for a touch pad mouse"
Bit difficult :-)

  g4fne72 18:41 18 Dec 2005

Apologies if i come across a little "thick" here but i dont seem to have option of "touch pad" under device manager.

  woodchip 18:43 18 Dec 2005

There is in mine it comes in as a Human Interface Device

  g4fne72 18:47 18 Dec 2005

Whats really odd is the touch pad has worked previously

  sinbad1 20:18 18 Dec 2005

some touch pads have a button just above which enables and disables

  g4fne72 20:36 18 Dec 2005

Nope unfortunately no button above touchpad

  sinbad1 21:05 18 Dec 2005

just a guess try Fn +F7

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