Laptop Touchpad delay if left idle for a few secon

  codyzz12345 16:48 15 Mar 2019

Asked Tomshardware and reddit so far no one has given me a solid solution.

Laptop: Acer e5-471GOS: Windows 8.1

My laptops touchpad has a delay if I leave it idle for around 5 seconds. It takes about half a second for my initial tap to respond. The delay is only there if I leave the touchpad idle for around 5 seconds, and the length of the delay is reduced if my laptop is charging or is running on high performance mode. Also when I say touchpad idle I mean touchpad idle only. I could be watching a youtube video or typing something. Any idea how to fix this?

I've tried:

reformatting my computer twice.

Resetting bios to default settings

Updating BIOS.

Trying both Elan and Synaptic drivers. Factory settings have Elan installed. Installing synaptics for some reason I can't see it in my "All programs" list.

Messing around with minimum processor power state. Setting minimum state to 60 percent alleviates the problem a bit. Running the computer in high performance mode also somewhat alleviates it.

The lower the battery level of my laptop, the more noticable the delay becomes. My guess is that it has something to do with my processor power state. Any any idea how to fix this problem? Aside from putting my minimum processor state at 60 percent

  codyzz12345 19:15 15 Mar 2019

no problems with mouse.

  difarn 21:44 15 Mar 2019

I don't know if this applies to your laptop.

Can you get into touchpad settings, additional settings, is there an option to change settings? If so is there anything called Palm Rejection? If so set it to the extreme left and then save.

  codyzz12345 12:23 16 Mar 2019

there's no additional settings for some reason. The only you thing you can change is allow scroll left and right, double tap drag, and taps delay. Same with mouse settings, there's no ELAN or Synaptics settings you can modify.

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