laptop touchpad again

  mad1234 22:19 22 Sep 2008

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i posted this a few days ago & it is still acting up. in fact it is getting worse. should i be putting my laptop into a shop for repair or could it be something else?

  mad1234 07:19 23 Sep 2008

thanks guys for the advice but i checked that thread as finished so now i don't get emails to tell me i have a reply
the reason i use the touchpad is because usually i don't have anywhere to use a mouse ie. the sofa arm is too squashy & it's uncomfortable so i would like to get the touchpad working again.
is it going to be worth getting it repaired as the laptop is 3 years old or would i be better off buying a new one. i don't have a clue how much a repair would be.

  laurie53 08:24 23 Sep 2008

The last time this happened to me it turned out the battery was just about past it.

From the age of your machine this might be a possibility.

  Halmer 08:51 23 Sep 2008

Uninstall the Synaptics software in Add/Remove programs, then uninstall the basic driver in Device Manager?

Then turn PC off, let it find the basic driver for the touchpad/mouse. Then install the Synaptics driver from the Medion website for your model (do this before starting the above)

  Halmer 08:52 23 Sep 2008

the least sentence meant to say download the driver file from Medion first before doing anything else.

  Halmer 09:15 23 Sep 2008

so if you want to post your 'pointer motions' etc I'll check against mine to see if there are any differences.

Mouse Props/Device Settings/Settings

  mad1234 09:22 23 Sep 2008

laurie53 i don't think it is the battery unless it has a fault because the battery lasts for 1.5 hours as it has always done. but i will have it checked anyway

Halmer i have the latest driver in for it but i didn't remove the basic one first. as soon as i get in from work i will try that


  Halmer 09:52 23 Sep 2008

I suspect if it is getting worse it may be a hardware issue in which case the best thing to do is get a couple of quotes from reputable PC menders.

Hopefully it wont be too expensive.

  mad1234 10:12 23 Sep 2008

i hear that Halmer. my biggest worry is it will cost an arm & a leg because it is a german company

  lightfeet 10:54 23 Sep 2008

I hate touchpads so I use an A4Tech NB-90 Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse which I purchased from SVP click here It's battery free & the mat is rigid & can be balanced on the knee or sofa arms. Its action is very precise & at £10.99 is great value. It could be worth considering as it could save you a lot of money on laptop repair.

  mad1234 12:02 23 Sep 2008

thanks lightfeet that is certainly worth considering

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