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  mad1234 08:25 10 Sep 2008

hi guys
i have a medion laptop which has worked without problem for the last 2.5 years & just lately the touchpad seems to have gone a bit funny. what happens is when i move my finger the mouse moves as it should then i lift my finger off the touchpad the pointer jumps.
is this a driver problem or do i need a new touchpad?


  Halmer 08:29 10 Sep 2008


If it's the edge of the screen itmay be one of the Synaptic settings in the control panel.

You could always re-install the driver.

  mad1234 08:36 10 Sep 2008

thanks for the quick reply!
no it doesn't jump to the edge of the screen, it seems to try to go back to where it came from

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:50 10 Sep 2008

Try altering the sensitivity in control panel.

  mad1234 11:15 10 Sep 2008

i'll try that Fruit Bat /\0/\ but the settings have not been changed since i got the laptop thats why i thought it might be broken.

can you replace these things or is it a new laptop if it is broken?

  oldbeefer2 11:19 10 Sep 2008

I've recently bought a laptop and hated the touchpad from the start. Bought a mini wireless mouse - perfect!

  mad1234 11:42 10 Sep 2008

i have a wireless mouse but i'm not always in a position where i can use it so i tend to use the touchpad more than the mouse

  mad1234 13:54 15 Sep 2008

thanks for the advice guys
sorry to take so long getting back to you
i have tried adjusting the sensitivity as you suggested plus i played around with all the others setting & i still have the same problem.

any more suggestions?

  User-1229748 14:14 15 Sep 2008

have you updated touchpad drivers thru windows update,if so download drivers from your laptop manufacturers website.

  mad1234 14:30 15 Sep 2008

good point smackheadz - i haven't
off to check that out now

  mad1234 18:25 15 Sep 2008

downloaded driver updates & the touchpad seems to be working a lot better but i will give it a few days.
thanks to all for your suggestions

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