laptop with three monitors connecting problem

  Steven Devries 17:16 22 Apr 2017

hey I have a new laptop and i would like to run 2 or maybe 3 monitors on it at the same time.

my laptop has one hdmi port and 3 USB slots and one of them is USB 3.0. but the monitors all have VGA and DVI connections.

there are so many ways to make a connection. i thought of an active hdmi to vga 1x3 or hdmi to dvi 1x3 converter/splitter.

using passive converter/splitters doesn’t work because then I don’t get any identification

passive converters do work when there single but I only have one hdmi port

I saw a video of someone who had a usb to vga converter. now i could buy 3 of those but that is going to be very expensive.

there must be a better solution

thanks for helping out

  aquatarkus 19:04 22 Apr 2017

Hi Steven Have a look at this not cheap but will do what you want click here W

regards Keith

  difarn 13:53 23 Apr 2017

Whatever you decide to do make sure that your graphics card supports multiple monitors.

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