Laptop thats gone to screen display!

  subaru 00:01 20 Jan 2005

My wifes Evesham Vale Voyager 5500 laptop has gone on strike. It refuses to give any sort of screen display, though the fan is on, and various LEDs are on. It was last used and was misbehaving with several basic functions starting to play up. It was during this that it decided it had had enough and now sits and hums, only making fan noises. I recently installed an extra 256 ram in its expansion slot..... a friend suggested that bad memory can make the screen pack in, so I've tried it with only the on board change.
I think this machine was made by Mitac as the 7521. It has XP professional on, ad has run happily using a Dlink card. It has a 700 Celeron or so, and a 10 gig HDD.
Any bright ideas?

  geeza 08:52 20 Jan 2005

Try pressing the Fn button + F8, dont know the exact combination for your laptop but thats what it is for dell. This allows you to use the laptop with external screens for presentations etc. How old is the laptop, it could be that the backlight in the monitor has gone.

  subaru 09:40 20 Jan 2005

Thanks for that Geeza......tried Fn and every f button, and not a sausage. Its only 4 yrs old, hasnt been heavily used. Does the fact that the fan is going mean that the MOBO is functioning? I know with PCs its usually a good sign. I'm tempted to take the back off......wondered whether some screen connections have come adrift tho I cant imagine why!

  geeza 09:53 20 Jan 2005

It may be best to take it to a local computer shop and ask them to have a look at it. Although if you are confident in opening up the laptop, the monitor is usually connected to the mobo by a ribbon cable and sometimes this can becomed slightly detatched, I have reseated some of these in the past with success. Is it possible for you to connect the laptop to an external monitor to check that the laptop is working ok.

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