Laptop Temperatures - Whats yours?

  User-312386 16:46 17 Feb 2010

Hi all

I have bought a second hand laptop with a P4 precessor and my hard drive temperature is 67c - is this hot on a laptop? My cpu temp is really cool so i havent got any problems with that.

So really whats your temps?

  coolteach 17:19 17 Feb 2010

CPU 48C, HDD (160Gb) is 40C. My Dell Lattitude D520 has a Core 2 Duo. These temp readings were from Speccy with the machine running on mains. I'll pop it on battery for a bit and see what that does.

  coolteach 17:36 17 Feb 2010

And basically the same on battery. HDD 43C. Does that help?

  User-312386 17:54 17 Feb 2010

Yeah seems like mine is a running a little hot. Is it advisable to remove battery if running on mains? As this is my first laptop

  User-312386 18:04 17 Feb 2010

I looked at the cpu temp incorrectly, it is running at 57c and for the HDD it is 67c - are laptops easy to clean out? I been working with desktops for years and know how to clean them out, but dont have a clue about laptops. Could there be dust build up and does the CPU have a fan on laptops?

  woodchip 18:12 17 Feb 2010

P4 is a Desktop CPU hence will run hot, and use up battery faster than you can charge it

  woodchip 18:14 17 Feb 2010

If its not freezing I would keep your fingers out until you need to go in

  User-312386 18:15 17 Feb 2010

Sorry i meant to say its a Pentium 4 mobile 1.9ghz

  woodchip 18:18 17 Feb 2010

AS regards the Hard Drive, This will be a old 4200rpm Speed drive and will be running all the time hence heat it would be better if you could get your hands on a 7200rpm drive and the laptop speed would be a lot faster

  User-312386 18:21 17 Feb 2010

thanks mate. As you know i been on the forums for years now and took the plunge after wife told me to get a laptop and we bought a second job to see if we can get on with it in a home enviroment. We can and we love it!

  woodchip 18:26 17 Feb 2010

Yes seen you around a while, for most of the info on the PC go to Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Information

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