Laptop temperature

  the hick 18:58 13 May 2010

On a HP 6735s, how do I find out the temp. the CPU is running at? Is there software in Windows Vista for this? Or do I need to download something? Any advice appreciated.

  canarieslover 19:06 13 May 2010

Try SIW click here
or Speedfan click here
Both of these will show core temperature and fan speed.

  the hick 19:20 13 May 2010

After posting, I remembeed SiSoft, so downloaded it. CPU temp is given as 87.0 degrees C. when the laptop is 'idling', and the fan fast and noisy. I think something needs attention.

  canarieslover 19:36 13 May 2010

I think you are right!!! Try cleaning all the dirt and dust out as a first step. Air Duster like this will help click here Then use something like this click here instead of your lap to rest it on.

  the hick 20:11 13 May 2010

This is daughter's laptop, and she reckons its hotter when running on mains rather than battery.
I dont understand why, but have noticed the mains adapter gets fairly warm as well. Probably nothing to do with it though. Presumably, to clean with aerosol, the air-jet goes into the air outlet? - and wait for cloud of dust from the air inlet! Might try this tomorrow.

  six-h 21:22 13 May 2010

Not tried this myself, but have been advised to gently wedge the fans before blowing with the aerosol, to avoid any chance of damage to your MB from induced currents generated.

  woodchip 22:41 13 May 2010

I think you will find that its got a desktop CPU fitted to save money make it cheaper

  woodchip 22:42 13 May 2010

I think you will find that its got a desktop CPU fitted to save money make it cheaper

  User-312386 00:14 14 May 2010

The reason why you hold the fan before blasting air through them is to stop the bearings being damaged, as a blast of air from an aerosal can make the fan exceed the bearings tollerance!

  kristain 07:00 14 May 2010

did you try to download a program that reduces the speed of your cpu, or increase your fan rpm's.

  mooly 07:50 14 May 2010

It might be "hot" because of various background programs running that shouldn't be... don't know what operating system you have, but have you looked to see what's actually running in either "reliability and performance monitor" (Vista and W7) or use task manager.

At idle displaying just the desktop it should be around 1 to 3% as a figure to aim for. Look at first picture here,
click here

If it's Vista or W7 make sure you are on a "balanced" rather than high performance power plan.
click here

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