Laptop suggestions for University

  MartinSA 19:58 13 Aug 2012

Hi there,

Looking at buying a laptop for uni (not sure if studying computer science makes much of a difference) and I'm a bit stuck between two! I've got around a £500 budget and I'm gonna be using it for general MS Office work, programming and a reasonable amount of gaming (games such as League of Legends, CS: Global Offensive, BF3 and generally mid-spec requiring games).

These are the two I'm looking at:

I guess the question is, would a quad core or dual core be better? And could anyone give me an explanation as to why as I'd like to learn :). Any advice or links to better laptops would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance!

  Nontek 20:30 13 Aug 2012

I have not looked at your links, but would advise that the i5 CPU is the better of the two, having IMHO a bit more grunt - or even better if you could afford to go for a i7 CPU.

  MartinSA 21:08 13 Aug 2012

Thanks. Found this one:

Its a quad instead of dual and i7 like you suggested, but its only got 6GB of RAM instead of 8. Does it being a quad outweigh the loss of 2GB of RAM?

  Nontek 21:49 13 Aug 2012

You probably would not notice any difference regarding 6Gb or 8Gb RAM.

  MartinSA 02:07 14 Aug 2012

Thanks for the help, guess I'm gonna spend abit more for the i7 quad :)

  Nontek 13:20 14 Aug 2012

OK - will be well worth the expenditure.

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