laptop suddenly stopped connecting

  dobbin 17:48 02 Jan 2006

My laptop has connected flawlessly for years to a home network [Belkin network access point]. About an hour ago I tapped a key to wake up the monitor, it would not wake up properly so I shut down and rebooted. Since then I get the message wireless network connection not connected and whatever I do it does not connect. The laptop connects via a built in ieee 802,11b miniPCI wireless network adapter.

The Belkin access point is fine as three other computers are still connected. I have tried system restore [ twice] and 'repair wireless network' but this makes no difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

  mgmcc 00:32 03 Jan 2006

Can you delete the existing "profile" in your Wireless Adapter's settings and then set it up again from scratch?

  dobbin 07:50 03 Jan 2006

That sounds like a good idea but how an earth do I do that?

  mgmcc 08:43 03 Jan 2006

I can't give you the specifics, because the software for each Wireless Network Adapter is slightly different, but there must be some application associated with the Adapter that is used to scan for "Available Networks" and then "Connect" to them. This should retain details of the wireless network(s) you have connected to and there should be a way to select an entry and delete it.

This is a picture of my "Profiles", two "Infrastructure" networks and an "Ad Hoc" network. I can select a Profile and click Delete to remove it, then I can set that one up again from scratch. click here

  dobbin 13:57 03 Jan 2006

Thanks mgmcc, don't you ever sleep? I tried delete the profiles and then asked it to refresh the network list and it came up with 'no wireless networks found in range' Make sure the wireless switch on your computer is on. Not sure where the switch is but do know that there are definately wireless networks in range.

I am beginning to wonder if it is a hardware fault although device manager says it is working ok

  mgmcc 14:20 03 Jan 2006

<<< Make sure the wireless switch on your computer is on. Not sure where the switch is but do...>>>

If there isn't an actual switch as part of the laptop's hardare, see if there is anything in Control Panel relating to the Wireless Network.

Can the other computers "see" the wireless network? I know they are already connected, but if the Wireless Access Point was set not to broadcast its SSID, it would not be visible to any Site Monitors scanning for Available Networks.

  dobbin 15:07 03 Jan 2006

Can't see any sign of a switch but have checked everything in network settings and everything seems to be enabled.

The other computers cannot see the laptop, I have tried this both at home and at the office just to eliminate any possibility that there was something wrong with my home wireless network.

Any more ideas?

  mgmcc 18:05 03 Jan 2006

You haven't answered the question "Can the other computers "see" the wireless network?"

I don't mean can they see other computers, shared folders etc., but if you run the Wireless software to scan for Available Networks can the other computers "see" the SSID of your router?

  dobbin 08:38 04 Jan 2006

Sorry, misunderstood you - I'm no expert but just about muddle through so please be gentle with me! The answer to your question is yes other computers on the network can see the ssid of my router in the case of my office installation and of the wireless network adapter in the case of my home installation.

I beginning to come to the conclusion that the built in 'miniPCI wireless network adapter' has packed in but not sure how to test for this.

  mgmcc 10:33 04 Jan 2006

One way to test would be to try setting up an "Ad Hoc" wireless network with two PCs. This is a wireless network in which the two wireless adapters communicate directly with one another, rather than through a Wireless Access Point as is the case with a router.

  dobbin 11:03 04 Jan 2006

I decided that I had wasted enough time so have just popped round to the local shop and bought a wireless Lan card, popped it in and all is working perfectly.

I think that the aerial wire to the laptop which I believe is in the lid had somehow got severed.

many thanks for your help mgmcc

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