Laptop suddenly got slow and FPS dropped

  Bekzide 18:57 06 Feb 2018


I had a problem recently with my laptop as t only gave me 3.2 out of 8GB available, the other 4.8 wer ereserved for hardware. I switched the RAM bars (2x4GB) and suddenly it gave me access to my whole RAM except for 800MB which is fine.

So I fixed this on saturday and have been using my laptop normally since then. However today when I wanted to us it I noticed it was really slow and that the frame rate in a game I played yesterday night without problems hda dropped to between 5 and 20 FPS. I did not install anything or update any drivers since yesterdat.

I am not much of an expert with this so please let me know what information you need or if I have to run any diagnostic tolls and post the resultats.

I am using Windows 8.1 Pro.

Thanks a lot!

  wee eddie 19:13 06 Feb 2018

Tell us what the Laptop is ~ Model and Specification

The 4.8GB were probably for graphics

  Bekzide 20:25 06 Feb 2018

Hey, here are my specs.

I have a HP Pavilion, dont remember the exact model though.

Operating System Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

CPU AMD A8/A10 91 °C Richland 32nm Technology

RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 807MHz (11-11-12-28)

Motherboard Hewlett-Packard 1985 (Socket FT1) 43 °C

Graphics Generic PnP Monitor ([email protected]) 768MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 8650G + 8600M Dual Graphics (HP) 42 °C 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 8600M Series (HP) CrossFire Disabled

Storage 223GB KINGSTON SUV400S SATA Disk Device (SSD) 35 °C

Optical Drives hp DVDRAM GU70N SATA CdRom Device

Audio Dispositivo de High Definition Audio

Please let me know any other information I can provide.

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