Laptop suddenly froze...

  AngeTheHippy 10:03 19 Jun 2003

without warning. Was surfin', and cursor pointer stopped responding. Couldn't do ANYTHING, nothing responded...Walked about a bit, then a msg in LARGE type(like safe mode)appeared >>Windows has recovered from a serious error - a device may be to blame - save all work and exit I did a reboot but that didn't work either..had to hold in the I/O button. When I powered up again, I got a msg...>>Computer restarted after an unexpected shutdown. Windows detectd a possible device failure. The display driver for S3 GraphicsPro SavageDDR seems to be responsible for the system instability

After restarting (2nd time) all *seems* to be responding OK. I went to the S3 site for driver update but was not encouraged to look for it 'cos of the warnings on the page... My Laptop is an Evesham XP2000+ 1.66GHz 512RAM, 2 months old.

I looked in the Help & Support area on my Laptop at the error logs but nothing appeared for todays date! Should I be unduly worried about all this, or just see whether it happens again then panic?

Ta in advance,

  AngeTheHippy 16:18 19 Jun 2003

Hi, yeah - tried defrag, but was told not necessary at this time... It's behaving itself at the moment though.


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