Laptop suddenly doesn't start/turn on?

  buel 17:22 15 Dec 2013

Hi, My laptop has stopped powering up and has no lights showing even when plugged in? I have tried what I thought was the best option- taking the battery out for over 30 seconds and then attempting to start up again but no luck. Is there anything else I can try please?

  rdave13 17:40 15 Dec 2013

buel, you have the Midas touch with these machines!! Except it is as far away from 'Golden' as it can be :(

Basics is to check the fuse in the plug for the power brick. If the charger isn't working then the battery will be dead also. Hopefully it is as simple as that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:19 15 Dec 2013

Check power is ok and attempt to start with battery removed - a duff battery can drag the supply too low for the machine to start.

  buel 21:11 15 Dec 2013

Thanks you two. rdave13, thanks for that, my trouble is I DON'T buy new laptops, you get what you pay for eh? Thanks though, the charger seems to be working fine as the green light on the block is on so I guess that means it works. Perhaps I should test it somehow?

Fruitbat, I have tried that, thank you though. :0(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:09 16 Dec 2013

make and model?

Common problem is, jack socket coming loose off motherboard. Does it wobble when you connect the power adaptor?

  onthelimit1 18:33 16 Dec 2013

The light does NOT mean that there's any output. I've lost count of the number of these cheaply made chargers that stop working after no time at all, but still have the light on (I suspect it indicates input rather than output). Best to check with a voltmeter or substitute charger.

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