Laptop is stuttering because of heat. How I could fix this?

  RRimvydas 14:56 27 Sep 2013

Hey everyone.

I am having issue with my laptop. It is that some kind of stuttering occurs everywhere, especially in games. It is not so "sharp responsive" even when I am at win desktop (but not always). I have done everything I could think of and what I could find on different forums.

As I was having USB3 problems too DELL have changed motherboard and USB board. When I turn on cold computer I was able to play DayZ without any problems, but when It warm up, stuttering was back. This shows that problem is heat. I have monitored temperatures using HWiNFO I have seen big temp difference in few modules:

Fan I

  RRimvydas 15:04 27 Sep 2013

modules: click here I had done so far:**

  • Windows reinstall (with HDD format) and creation of new discs C: and D:
  • Defragmentation, CCleaner for registry and similar stuff
  • GameBooster
  • Lowering game settings; Turning OFF VSync
  • Setting Nvidia as primary graphics device
  • Vacuumed all vents; fans starts working only when there is some processes
  • As I had issue with USB3 too dell have changed motherboard and USB board just now

Laptop Specs:

  • Dell Inspiron 17R N7110
  • TOSHIBA MK6461GSYN 640GB 7200 rpm
  • Avg. Latency 4.16; Avg Seek time 12 ms; Transfer Rate 300 MB/s
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M (Driver 327.23)
  • Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 (Driver uninstalled)
  • Intel(R) i5-2410M 2.3GHz (up to 2.9 GHz) 2 Cores (4 Threads);
  • 8GB RAM (4+4)

With these specs I should have no problems especially for older games such as GTA III, but as you can see in click here I have some weird stuttering which is not lag or low FPS. If I set low settings I can play any games with decent FPS but stuttering still ocurs.

I am not sure, but when Skyrim was released (maybe 2011), I could play it and there was no stuttering or maybe I was more patient. But now, less than month ago, when I tried to play Medieval 2 it was too much and I didnt play, Then GTA III which is old and should be perfect (and it has high FPS), but stuttering is still here. Then DayZ, which is much more demanding, but with custom LOW settings i could get 20-30FPS but stuttering is still annoying, especialy if some zobies are chasing you :D Then I install Skyrim as it was the only one game I played what I could think of at that moment, and stutering was still here. Although I am not sure 100% that it wasnt before when it was released.

Any help or advice is much appreciated


  onthelimit1 15:06 27 Sep 2013

If Dell have recently stripped the laptop to change the mobo, I'd be very surprised if there was a build-up of dust around the fan or heat exchanger. Unless there is thermal paste missing from the CPU/heatsink interface, I don't know what to suggest - to check/replace that paste means a full strip. Are you able to do that? I'd also run a check with the free Malwarebytes incase a nasty is making your CPU work hard.

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