Laptop stuck in sleep mode ZZZzzzz

  catch33 20:56 03 Sep 2011

Hello peeps ive got a bit of a problem with my laptop (acer x58l) its stuck in sleep mode starts up has ZZZ light up green saying its in sleep mode. black screen soon as it starts up. cant get into bios list tried to plug it into a monitor nowt :( this is what i have done... drained the battery pressed the power for 45sec without battery in.. taken bios battery for a while, put new ram in, new harddrive,

and now im just stuck and money down that i did't have :( if anyone could help that would be very great full..

  birdface 21:03 03 Sep 2011

Have you tried starting in safe mode just keep tapping F5 or F8 as the computer starts.

  catch33 21:27 03 Sep 2011

No joy but thanks :) just put a windows disk in still no luck with that ethier...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 03 Sep 2011

Remove hard drive and reboot should get to error message then BIOS.

  catch33 19:24 05 Sep 2011

removed hdd no joy also removed cpu no joy there also...still alseep.

  birdface 22:17 05 Sep 2011


Having googled for the problem it does seam to be the only ones that managed to fix it was by installing a new motherboard.

There were other fixes but you had to be able to start the computer first.

Not sure if you get a graphics card on a laptop but maybe try without it if you can.

I know that you took the C-moss battery out and put it in again,just wondering if a new battery would have helped.

Having taken the battery out it may have changed the Bios settings and you can't get into the Bios to reset them.

So far I have seen no fixes for a laptop that will not start but lets hope someone can give you the help that you need.

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