ben1979 11:43 20 Mar 2010


im trying to find a laptop i dont cear witch one as-long its in my price range no more than 400 apx im on vista right now and i cant stand it i want togo back to xp if i can.. i dont no about windows 7 i never tryed it

it has to have the ( stereo mix ) under the sound settings where the mic settings are my laptop i have now doesont have stereo mix most new laptops dont have this no more i dont no why

i like to play music in voice chatrooms with them just hereing the music and the my voice all the time

i went to pcworld yesterday the man was kinda helpfal but didont no much about it

anyone help

  BRYNIT 12:54 20 Mar 2010

I'm confused, what are the problems you are having with Vista. If its just stereo mixer you are missing Vista has a stereo mixer. The problem is it is hidden and disabled by default.

If you right click on the speaker icon to the right of the taskbar and select Recording devices. Right click and select show disabled devices, you should now see the Stereo Mixer.

  ben1979 13:05 20 Mar 2010

there is no stereo mixers on most vista laptops google it.. i no im confused my self

  ben1979 13:07 20 Mar 2010

(((((((((( forget last comment lol very tired ....... yeah i no theres no stereo mixers on most vista laptops google it.. i no im confused my self

  ben1979 13:16 20 Mar 2010

there is only mic settings on Vista's runing HD sound

  rdave13 13:29 20 Mar 2010

Have a look at this; click here

  ben1979 13:47 20 Mar 2010

thanks for the link but no luck

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