Laptop startup problem!

  Chirag 18:47 22 Apr 2004

My laptop goes blank when I turn it on after the Windows XP professional Screen, I can hear the audio when I blindly click on one of the names, but I can't see anything, its blank, I tried the WIndows Safe Mode, everything comes up perfectly on that, but I dont know what the problem is! Plz's urgent.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:13 22 Apr 2004

Sounds very much like a graphics problem - wrong drivers or so. Can you start in VGA mode and lower the resolution / refresh rate?

  Chirag 15:54 23 Apr 2004

Yes, I can start in VGA Mode, but graphics card is working fine, the problem happened, when I forgot to turn the electricity switch on, bcoz i hav a weak battery on the laptop, so after 10 minutes it shut down by itself and since then the user accounts screen is black! i can't see n e thing.

  Xevious 16:37 23 Apr 2004

checked that the display is set to go to the screen? sounds funny but laptops have the ability to divert the image elsewhere, you can usually have a play by holdin the function key in (usually shows FN on the key at the bottom left of the keyboard) and then press one of the Function buttons (usually F5 but differs from one laptop to the next - usually has a little picture of a screen on the function key too)

this can be used when you plug in a projector, you can set it to display on the projector only, or screen only, or both.

have a play with it and see what happens...

  Chirag 16:52 23 Apr 2004

r u still there?

  Xevious 16:53 23 Apr 2004

i am

  Chirag 16:56 23 Apr 2004

do u hav msn messenger?

  Xevious 16:56 23 Apr 2004

nope. i'm at work! no such luxaries with our security policies... :-)

  Chirag 16:58 23 Apr 2004

ok, can u tell me how i can try that FN thing? When? Bcoz, when i access the VGA thing i can change monitor screens,

  Xevious 17:00 23 Apr 2004

when you boot windows up, and the screen goes black, wait for everything to stop loading up, then go for it!

have you located the 2 keys i mentioned?

  Chirag 17:02 23 Apr 2004

yes, FN and F5 , is F5 the one with An A with a background and then a / and then an A aiwhtout background? (ON THE KEY)

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