Laptop Startup

  PIPPIE 17:29 24 Jul 2005

I have a friend who is a Silver surfer, he is experiencing problems when switching on his computer, this may seem strange but when he pushes the power button nothing happens,he then switches the whole system off at the mains pushes the power button and on it comes, I believed it was the way he was switching the computer on by accidentally pushing two buttons at the same time, as I had his computer for a week while he was away and had no problem at all, his brother in-law has also tried and seems to get the same problem any suggestions please would be most grateful

  Taff36 18:50 24 Jul 2005

One of you should spend an hour and show him how to do it. (Next week the other one does the same) Make him sit in the control seat - mouse, keyboard etc. (Bite your tongue and talk him through it!) Otherwise, he will lose interest and you will forever be going round to sort it out.

  PIPPIE 20:33 24 Jul 2005

Taff 36 thanks for your response, Already been there, it has only started since the laptop was sent back to the makers,for a faulty modem before that he had no problems

  woodchip 20:38 24 Jul 2005

He may be expecting it to come on like a TV

  PIPPIE 10:40 26 Jul 2005

Cheers Woodchip His tower may be 75 years old but his RAM and HD are all working Satisfactory

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