Laptop starts, then black screen or fuzzy lines?

  bob dob 13:53 03 Dec 2018

Hi all, Please can someone help me? Whenever I start my Vista laptop, I get to the 'Start Windows normally', etc and when I click on it, I either get a black screen or fuzzy coloured lines horizontally? Photos here: click here you in advance.



  bob dob 20:19 03 Dec 2018

Hello, anyone?

  bob dob 21:09 04 Dec 2018

Please can someone offer any help? I really need to resolve this :(

  wee eddie 21:19 04 Dec 2018

One has to be guessing, of course, but I would guess that the Graphics Chip is on the way out.

Time to get to Credit Card out. More than likely, the Hard Drive will still hold your stuff. So you need to get an Enclosure as well. Put the old Lappy's Hard Drive into it and you can download all your files onto your new Lappy. Once you have done that successfully, you can Format the Drive in the Enclosure and use it for backups.

  bob dob 21:47 04 Dec 2018

Thank you for the help. If this is the case, technically, is it repairable?

  wee eddie 22:37 04 Dec 2018


  wee eddie 23:07 04 Dec 2018

Well, that's not entirely true, but the repair is likely to cost you more than the purchase price of a new laptop

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:58 05 Dec 2018

What's it like if you start in safe mode?

  bob dob 18:17 07 Dec 2018

Sorry, FB, strangely, 90% of the time, it won't get to Safe Mode before the screen goes all 'coloured lines' on me. Today I tried an external screen and the same happened. What were you thinking, FruitBat?

  Bris 18:31 07 Dec 2018

As you are running Vista, my guess is that its quite old in which case it could be overheating due to a build up of dust. Give it a good blow out. Can you hear the fan running? If so then is it running flat out? If not is it clogged up with dust?

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