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Laptop start up Win 10 query

  Gordon Freeman 08:33 21 Mar 2019

Got a Samsung i7 gen 3 laptop, running win 10 (1809). For past few weeks, takes me 3 attempts to get to log-in screen.

1st attempt I get just the 'samsung' logo on screen. Shut down & hold power button down for 10-15 secs then try again.

2nd attempt I get a blank logos, nothing. Shut down & hold power button down for 10-15 secs then try again.

3rd attempt I get 'samsung' logo, then the spinning dots, then get to the log-in screen & all is fine, laptop runs absolutely fine.

Read somewhere yesterday that I should disable fast-start, & enable hibernation to start-up/shut down menu in power options. Did both of these things. No change.

Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this problem? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:06 22 Mar 2019

ignore the number - first time you connect to the web windows will recognise the machine and retrieve your number from its severs and activate win 10 automatically.

  Gordon Freeman 14:29 22 Mar 2019

Spent most of today on this.

Ended up going way, way back to win 8 as this was original OS (back to 2013!) via some samsung recovery program, then c.150 updates. Now going to 8.1, & then I'll try win 10. So looks like windows has decided on the incremental approach.

At least the laptop is working fine & dandy, so looks like there are no hardware issues, thankfully.

  Gordon Freeman 11:07 25 Mar 2019

Well, problem persists.

Re-installed 1809 but it failed on second boot part of the install. Checked on samsung site & seems it (ativ 8) should be able to handle 1809, which did come originally from win update, & not through me forcing it. Previously it's been running absolutely fine on 1809.

Reluctantly gone back to win 8.1 (c/w classic shell) & machine functions fine. No problems on boot at all. Just a bit disappointed I can't have my win 10 back, & now have to re-install all programs.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 25 Mar 2019

spinning dots again on second reboot?

how long are you leaving it? at least 30 min.

  Gordon Freeman 14:20 25 Mar 2019

No, 1st boot spinning dots fine, then they locked up at 2nd boot part of the install process & wouldn't progress to full boot up. Sorry should have been clearer but a lot happened during install, but then nothing happened, if you know what I mean...

  Gordon Freeman 15:01 31 Mar 2019

Getting a bit concerned with this as it's proving to be unreliable on booting with win 8.1 now. Sometimes it boots straight away & operates ok, others after maybe 1/2/3 attempts. I'm sure SSD is ok as that's the newest component fitted a couple of years ago. I've ran all previous mentioned tests and all came back clear. What next? CMOS battery or mobo problem? Cheers.

  Gordon Freeman 15:21 31 Mar 2019

Just completed intel processor diagnostic test - passed

  Gordon Freeman 15:48 31 Mar 2019

Windows memory diagnostic test - passed

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