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Laptop start up Win 10 query

  Gordon Freeman 08:33 21 Mar 2019

Got a Samsung i7 gen 3 laptop, running win 10 (1809). For past few weeks, takes me 3 attempts to get to log-in screen.

1st attempt I get just the 'samsung' logo on screen. Shut down & hold power button down for 10-15 secs then try again.

2nd attempt I get a blank logos, nothing. Shut down & hold power button down for 10-15 secs then try again.

3rd attempt I get 'samsung' logo, then the spinning dots, then get to the log-in screen & all is fine, laptop runs absolutely fine.

Read somewhere yesterday that I should disable fast-start, & enable hibernation to start-up/shut down menu in power options. Did both of these things. No change.

Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this problem? Thanks.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:22 21 Mar 2019

Try this for me Gordon:

At the first attempt, leave the laptop on for at least fifteen minutes. When you restart, does it then boot into Windows on the second attempt?

  Gordon Freeman 10:20 21 Mar 2019

I'll give it a try, thanks SS. I'll report back. Cheers.

  Gordon Freeman 11:14 21 Mar 2019

OK, nothing has changed (as Theresa May might say)... Restart resulted in same 'samsung' logo, so I restarted again and it then booted up to log-in screen. Once logged in, I ran sfc / problems identified. It's now running the win 10 mem/RAM check.

  Gordon Freeman 11:34 21 Mar 2019

RAM check all ok, after which laptop auto-restarted with no problems, straight to log-in screen. I shut it down, waited couple of mins, restarted, back to 'samsung' logo...hmm

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 21 Mar 2019

How easy is it to remove and refit the HDD to remake the connections?

  Gordon Freeman 15:23 21 Mar 2019

How easy is it to remove and refit the HDD to remake the connections?

Thanks FB. It'd be a nause to be honest. I replaced the original HDD 2 years ago with a samsung EVO850 SSD, so am reasonably confident it's not SSD/connections a last resort I might strip it out but would welcome other options before doing that.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:38 21 Mar 2019

OK, nothing has changed..............

Thanks for trying that for me though.

Sometimes motherboards can develop dry solder-joints that can frequently cause problems like yours when the laptop's cold. Leaving it to heat up for a while causes the joints to make contact again.

I can't think of anything else at the moment to explain why it only boots up on the third attempt. I'll post back if I think of something else.

  BT 17:55 21 Mar 2019

That's strange. My HP Compaq laptop has been doing a very similar thing since last week.

Its Win7 upgraded to Win10 and used to boot quite quickly but now goes to the orange HP screen which it used to flick through quite quickly and sits there for about 5 -10 mins before carrying on through the normal start up. Once its started it runs perfectly normally.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:58 21 Mar 2019

Try changing the CMOS battery if the laptop is left powered down for long periods.

  Gordon Freeman 09:27 22 Mar 2019

Update, did a restore to 1st March, which didn't resolve the problem.

Then eventually restarted & was blue screening, with a message along the lines of 'your pc ran into a problem' and also 'stop code: critical process died'...sounds major & not sure exactly what this it the SSD which is knacked, or some other internal component??

Tried various options (incl. advanced options) within the blue-screen area & always ended up with 'your pc ran into a problem'.

I'm going to try a complete re-install, currently downloading media creation tool etc.

If it asks me a for a win 10 serial number, I'm not sure I have this but would it be registered somewhere within the registry of the laptop & would the install go ahead without me inputting one?

It's win 10 home on this laptop, and an upgrade from the initially installed win 8/8.1.

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