laptop start-up problem has suddenly occurred.

  manrow 15:49 01 Feb 2018

I have spent the last 8 hours trying to update an old laptop, as my newish one, I normally use, refused to load windows 10 this morning. All it would do is a start-up to a brightish screen without loading the normal windows 10 home page. I have tried restarting it countless times by switching off by holding down the start button and after a delay of a few seconds pushing the start button again until it hung at the same point as before. On the last re-start, i went to the BIOS pages although not knowing what I was doing I just went through each page to see if there was anything obvious amiss! I found nothing. However, after returning to the normal start screen, it started up normally. Now I am warry to turn off in case the problem returns so am asking for assistance and advice on what moves to make to ensure that it will start-up normally in future, please?

  Forum Editor 16:20 01 Feb 2018

The first thing to try is to do a restart, rather than turning the machine off.

If it restarts normally, you can try shutting it down and then starting again.

If none of that works, post again, and we'll try some other possibilities.

  manrow 19:12 02 Feb 2018

As I indicated in my original post, was opening up to a bright screen and nothing else. Hence the start window button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen was not accessible, and the only way to start the laptop was to hold down the start button until Windows 10 attempted to start. This morning the laptop started normally and I have been using it all day including restarts without incident. Can I assume from this that Windows 10 is capable of repairing damage to the programme through restarts?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:13 02 Feb 2018

Yes it will repair certain things on a Restart

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