Buddies 08:15 30 Mar 2004

I got this laptop - (P1) I think with 32MB RAM. Problem is the machine do not let me into his BIOS, went straight to POST, and hangs in DOS with the message:"Replace System Disk and press any key when ready".
I tried the WIN98 Boot disk, it worked, got into the DOS Directories - saw WINDOWS has been loaded, but I cannot determine which Windows it was - or WIN95/WIN98.

How can I get Windows to start without deleting important info. on the Hard Drive which capacity is 2.0GB? The HDD is almost full. Please help.

  xania 09:30 30 Mar 2004

When you are in DOS, type WIN and Windows should load. If it still fails, you have a major failure of Windows and you should re-install from your installation CD. However, if, as you imply, you don't have this, then I have to question why you are using Windows unlicenced. I then suggest that you copy all your important data files onto floppy disc, clean down your hard disk and start up again legally.

  Buddies 09:49 30 Mar 2004

Hi XANIA, Thanx for your reply. The software is licenced, I am just helping a friend who cannot remember what Windows he used.
How do I copy my important files to a floppy in DOS, as well as how do I browse for my files in DOS?

Please advise

  JerryJay 10:36 30 Mar 2004

Get a old version of Norton Commander if you can.

Search net found one freeware dos file manager here click here. It looks ok, but I have to say I never used it do not know if it is good or not. For any program from net, use at your own risk.

  JerryJay 10:41 30 Mar 2004

Some info about dos based file mamanger click here

  Buddies 10:45 30 Mar 2004

Ok will try it and see if it will work

  Buddies 19:21 01 Apr 2004

I reformatted the HDD + partition it. Running like a dream. Thanx GUYS!!!

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