Laptop sound from only left speaker !?

  DexterDog 15:09 25 Oct 2007

Hi I just bought an emachines N12 laptop for my daughter for Xmas.I just wanted to install the XP and leave it at that until Xmas but noticed all the system sounds including the windows media player test tunes comes out of teh right hand inbuilt speaker only the left I only can hear the computer fan etc out of..this is not normal is it? emachines have told me to download the latest driver see if that works.I am waiting on a wifi router to connect this and desktop at Xmas..I can try to download AOL and try to connect this notebook thru wires on my own modem if I disconnect teh desktop and then try and downlaod this driver? any ideas at all? is my laptop bust ?
Sorry to go on........

  ambra4 15:26 25 Oct 2007

Why not download to your desktop and transfer to flash drive move fdrive to laptop and install

  DexterDog 15:38 25 Oct 2007

I will try that for sure ( will but a flash drive 1st lol )Thank you :)

  Jaro 15:42 25 Oct 2007

hi, where did you buy it from? i look on the net and this laptop comes with XP home installed on it. anyway if you decided to install system again it will of course need drivers to download. here click here i think you can download drivers. you can connect your laptop to your internet but install some security suite first like this click here download it install as a trial
30 days free. when you are installing the kaspersky internet security you must be connected to internet than it will update it self and after you restart your computer you can start downloading and installing drivers .

  Jaro 15:44 25 Oct 2007

it should be all ok after successfully installed drivers and restarted PC. if not you can always get exchange for it cant you ? you still have time till xmas

  DexterDog 15:49 25 Oct 2007

Thanks I am trying to re-install everything from disc...then connect to the old PC modem (am witing wifi router in post)and try uploading revised sound driver emachines asked me to try..I bought it from Computer Bargains Ltd on teh net they say that I have to deal direct with manufacturer using teh 1 yr warranty now whilst emachines say return to seller !!!!!!! I wish I had never bought the bloomin thing to be honest :(

  Jaro 18:46 25 Oct 2007

hi, is it computer bargains the company from ebay ? anyway who ever sold you the laptop that company is responsible for it. if the computer does not work properly you can send it back and ask for full refund p+p included. its sellers responsibility to make sure the product fit the purpose. plaus if you paid through paypal you can rise the dispute there or even ask your credit company if you paid by credit card to return you money. but first try to download and install the drivers and post back

  Jaro 18:55 25 Oct 2007

yes and what series is the laptop and what model ?

  DieSse 19:24 25 Oct 2007

Double click the volume control on the taskbar - ensure the balance controls are set to the centre of their range.

  DexterDog 21:57 25 Oct 2007

The model is eMachine N12 Sempron 3200+ 512MB DVDRW Wireless Laptop #16816
I reinstalled the OS and all drivers etc no change...fine with headphones but still only the right speaker working when nothing attached. I will try the updated driver emachines sent me with the flashdrive or when my new wifi router arrives..both are due any day..see if that works! I have only ever had a desktop wired on standard ADSL modem so this laptop business is all new to me and confusing,if this is faulty it will teach me to not buy from a two bit online shop who tell you to go straight to the manufacturer using the warranty when the shop themselves only just supplied it and the manufacturer say go back to the shop!One of them will take responsibilty if it kills me if it is confirmed as a fault :-x I will shut up now lol.

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