Laptop sound disappears on startup

  tim.h 08:27 16 Jul 2012

My Toshiba Equium laptop, running XP SP3, has lost its sound. I can reinstall the drivers and the sound returns, although the Fn+ Arrow keys which control volume, are disabled and show a red screen graphic with speaker crossed out, when pressed. When I restart, the sound has gone again, but the volume keys appear to work but to no effect. Any ideas, please?

  KRONOS the First 09:46 16 Jul 2012

To begin troubleshooting, start at the basics. Have you run the sound troubleshooter in your computer? Try to run it, select the problems you are having and see if you can solve it that way.

The basic step you can take, is to check if your sound is not set to mute. You can do that either by right clicking on the sound icon in your taskbar or if your laptop has a sound wheel, make sure that it is not all the way down. If the wheel is all the way down, move it up a little bit and try playing a sound file. If you can not hear, keep moving it up until you can hear any sound. Most laptops have a keyboard key, where you can mute, turn volume up/down. It is usually accessed by pressing the FN key + the specific key for sound.

You can also try running the dxdiag command and see what it says. To run it, do the following:

– click on start – click run or if running windows 5/vista type in search box the following – type: dxdiag – press enter – select the sound tab on menu – run tests and see what the results are in the notes area – if you are running XP, navigate to last page in menu and it will show you troubleshooters for different categories. – make sure to record the error number mentioned if any – either research the error number and/or posted here.

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