Laptop Slow and unresponsive

  Hetti 09:43 23 Feb 2010

My Laptop has become very slow and unresponsive, Ive done all the usual scans Anti Virus, (kaspersky) clean,malwarebytes scan no results apret from two items BrokenOpen (which have been there for months now mALWAREBYTES GET RID BUT THEY ARE THERE AS SOON AS i BOOT UP AGAIN.I also have sytem mechanic which I run regular. I have win vista can anyone help pleASE?

  MAJ 09:56 23 Feb 2010

The easiest way to speed things up again, is to backup all your important files and do a Factory Restore.

Having said that, there are cleaning jobs you could do on the hard drive. How full is the hard drive? What is the spec. of the laptop, processor, memory, etc.

Download, install and run CCleaner click here to get some of the rubbish off.

  birdface 10:13 23 Feb 2010

Maybe run malwarebytes in safe mode.If it finds anything delete it then run C Cleaner and rethen reboot and see if it makes any difference.If not go back and start again and after you have run malwarebytes and C Cleaner switch off system restore and then reboot.See if that helps once you know that your computer is clean restart system restore.
Also you could try msconfig and see if there is any programs running on start up that should not be there.if so untick them and reboot you may get a box opening on the reboot just tick the little square Ok and it will not appear again.

  Rahere 12:07 23 Feb 2010

A good tune and clean up routine for you:

Back up your important files to another PC or disc!

Now try these, only in this order!

CCleaner - run a cleanup, a registry clean (definitely backup your registry when it offers), plus you can check, switch off or remove start up programs too

PageDefrag click here
- set this to run when you reboot

Vista install instructions click here

now reboot

install and run run MyDefrag click here
choose monthly option this time and then run daily or weekly or monthly choices as required.
The first time it runs it will take some time to complete; a couple of hours if your drive is large but it makes a difference.

While also I recommend Comodo System Cleaner, I would try this only after a full back up - it's pretty aggressive! Note that if your registry is messed up you can restore v easily from the ccleaner backup you made earlier - right click merge and it's done!

Good luck

  ame 20:23 23 Feb 2010

If I remember rightly, is BrokenOpen not a false detection by Malwarebytes relating to the windows Update setting?

  birdface 10:56 24 Feb 2010

Well spotted ame it looks like a false positive from Malwarebytes and probably best to ignore it.

click here

See if you can put it in your ignore list and it will not find it in future scans.

  birdface 11:26 24 Feb 2010

Some fairly poor reviews about System Mechanic you have to read all of the reviews.

click here;uo

Maybe just use C Cleaner instead.
Try running your security programs in safe mode.
make sure your Flash and Java programs have the latest updates and remove the old ones.
Maybe do a defrag if you have not done one recently.
Have you got enough memory and is there still plenty room on your hard drive.
Maybe try my computer.Right click C then run Disc clean up plus it will also tell you how much space you have left on the C drive.
Then go into tools.check Now.And tick both boxes.It will tell you to reboot for it to start.It may take an hour or so and you will not be able to use your computer while it is running.

  ame 12:56 24 Feb 2010

If you set Windows Update to "On" (even just to notify you of updates, not actually install them) then I think Malwarebytes doesn't report BrokenOpen. I haven't seen it since I did this.

  ame 13:02 24 Feb 2010

I don't use registry cleaners, as I had a bad experience once. I use the free auslogics disk defragger and optimiser click here after doing a diskcleanup. Much better and faster than Windows defragger, and moves files to their best position on disk.

  Hetti 14:08 24 Feb 2010

Thanks to all

I did all of the cleaning/defrag ect but it was still the same, so I backed up everything on laptop and then used the disc that came with my laptop to go back to factory settings, all went fine but when I try to connect to to the internet it says....
Realtek RT L8165/811 family PCI -E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) this device cannot start CODE 10
I went to the website to seee if a driver download was available but it said...
Our informers have reported that this program is not available on a regular basis for the following reason:

Hardware-dependent. Custom versions are offered by motherboard manufacturers.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information, or any further updates.

Also my antivirue software did not appear on laptop after I restored my files from backup.

Any help please?

  Hetti 14:11 24 Feb 2010

Opps first line should read so I backed up everything FROM laptop.

I also should have mentioned I backed up to an external hard drive

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