Laptop shutting off on its own....

  ynohtna 21:16 06 Jul 2007

Ok, i have an Acer Aspire 1605LC Laptop. For the past 8 months it has been running with only 6% of its 60GB memory free and i have had no problems. Last week i was using it and i couldnt access the internet (on dial up from a mates house) i put this down to a slow connection and the fact that the memory was almost full. Later that day i was listening to some of my Itunes and the computer just shut itself down. I tried to restart, but nothing happened, the power light came on, the fan started up, then off it went (i was using the mains adapter at this point). Once again i put this down to the memory being almost full and slowing things down. I then invested in a new Seagate free agent external hard drive. Last night i transferred 40gb of music to the external, i now have 80% of the memory on the laptop free. i also did a de-frag after the transfer which was completed without incident. Guess what... was playing with the laptop today and still it is shutting itself down.... when i power it up again, i get the start windows normally option, the start in safe mode, the start in last known good configuration followed by the scrren asdvising i need a disc check... i have tried all of these options after the countless shutdowns and it's still doing it!! ive re-started using battery power only, mains power (with the battery installed) and mains power without the battery installed) and it still shuts itself off... infact as i type this (on a friends computer) the cd i am downloading to my music folder has just been terminated as the laptop has shutdown ... again... any thoughts.....?

  ynohtna 21:19 06 Jul 2007

Oh, should have added i am using windows XP and the only additional hardware i have been using is a wireless notebook adapter

  ynohtna 21:46 06 Jul 2007

One more thing (trying to give as much info as possible) - the laptop has now powered up again. Im continuing to download ny CD to the my music folder and the CPU is running at 100%, occasionally dropping down to the low 90% mark and at is lowest 88%.... i have no idea waht this means or how to fix it... just thought you should know...

  ynohtna 22:08 06 Jul 2007

CD has now downloaded. cpu usage is back to 2%. Any ideas why its so high when its doing something?

  Totally-braindead 22:41 06 Jul 2007

Power options to save juice and prolong life change everything to always on and see if that does anything, overheating perhaps is another option. I assume when you use it it is on a desk or table and not sitting on your lap? Or on something that can block the cooling vents?
The memory you keep mentioning by the way is not memory at all but the hard drive space, memory is something completely different.
Regarding the CPU being used at 90% I see no problem with that as you are actually using it to transfer files. Its like driving a car at 100 miles per hour, why would you be surprised that the engine is racing fast at this speed? If the computers doing something then of course the CPU will be running.

  ynohtna 06:36 07 Jul 2007

Yup, always on a desk / table. Ive never seen the CPU usage go that high before, at one stage it was downloading a cd at a speed x0.03 with an estimated time of 16mins for 1 track! Im gonna blast vacuum cleaner around the vents today to remove any loose debris / dust.. any thoughs on the shutting down would be greatly appreciated... any solutions would be fab!!

  wee eddie 08:22 07 Jul 2007

I was going to post last night but it seemed a little obvious.

Sometimes a "blow" is more useful than a "suck" and a stiff "hair not plastic" brush will get into the corners and dislodge some of the dust.

I'll post more on improved airflow later when I find the correct file.

  ynohtna 20:06 07 Jul 2007

When i de-dust the innards, is it worth taking the back off and havinga clean inside..?

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