Laptop shuts off, won't turn on..suddenly turns on

  Arintas G. Lipnickas 23:51 29 Jul 2016

ASUS. Battery keeps power for about 1.5 hours so I assume it's not dead. Charger charges.

1 Occurrence: I was in VLC player, charger on. Suddenly laptop shuts off, power led stays. Shut it off (properly) by keeping button then luckily turned on again.

2 Occurrence: Several days later VLC was opened again when it shut off. Power led stays, but now can't do anything to turn it on. Pulled out battery, done that 45 seconds thing, put back again. Can't turn on it just that power led lights up. Just kept it that way for hours, laptop was warm...and then all of a sudden it turned on.

3 Occurrence: Turned off doing daily things, doesn't turn on no matter how long I wait. Damn it.

Fan not working, cpu heats up a bit like it pretends to be working, dust cleaned inside. Always just that power led works when button pushed with battery or just charger in.

Whats happening?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:07 31 Jul 2016

will it work with battery removed and just running off mains?

other thought is it is overheating and needs a good clean out of the fan and heatsink.

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