laptop shuts down during cd recovery

  computernerdiamnot 17:27 15 Nov 2004

I had to do a complete recovery on my acer ferrari 3000 laptop after setting the boot sequence to cd and putting in the system disk to which on boot up asks to accept yes or no on clicking yes it asks for recovery disc 1 which i then put in about 47% into it it asks for disc 2 on putting in the disc it starts then the whole system shuts down. power turns off. i have got it connected to the mains so there is no probs there. i am frustrated and cannot get hold of acer support at all.

Thanks in advance for any help


  sortof 17:32 15 Nov 2004

What was reason for recovery? Could be hdd problem or recovery CD issue. What OS? Maybe you need to run manual format to test hdd. You need to take care with fdisk though if there is a recovery partition.

  wawadave 17:35 15 Nov 2004

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  computernerdiamnot 17:38 15 Nov 2004

I was having some problems with computer frezzing and thought i would put it back to scratch i am using windows xp home and my hdd is partitioned in 2 by acer a c: and D:

  sortof 17:46 15 Nov 2004

So D probably has recovery required info so you need to leave that alone. If the laptop is under warranty, recovery issues should be dealt with on the warranty helpline - not a premium rate line. If the laptop has a fdd you could get a win 98 startup disk to format drive C. However there may be an option in the recovery to get to a prompt to run format (eg Alt and D at the options).If format produces errors, that would point to hdd issue. But this is only general advice.

  computernerdiamnot 17:46 15 Nov 2004

I have been trying again and managed to get to the 98% then it just shut down again when trying again it just started and then shut of. One of the other reasons i recorved was i uninstalled sp2 because it was causing havoc with some of my hardware hardware

  computernerdiamnot 17:49 15 Nov 2004

Thanks sortof i will try that you will have to bear with me on the replies as i am using my sons laptop so i am back and forth will reply soon. acer support line is a joke phoned up waited hal hour in que when stating i am next i get the dreaded dead tone 5 times today ive\ had that.

  woodchip 17:51 15 Nov 2004

The Problem with using a Win98 Floppy is that it only do's Fat32 not NTFS So a Format with it is no Good. The Recovery CD should restore the computer fully.

All that I can suggest is try to get the Laptop as Cool as Possible before running the Recovery CD's

  computernerdiamnot 18:27 15 Nov 2004

well it has loaded now thank god i think you was right in saying get it cool i think that might of been the prob.

Iwill still speak to acer when i get hold of them

Thanks to everyone who has helped anfd given suggestions.

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