laptop shut down

  john1000 07:38 11 Jun 2004

hi all i have got a laptop running xp home 20 gig hardrive my problem is for no reason the machine will just turn off as if you cut the power on reboot i have went into event veiwer and it displays a error ,error id 11 driver detected control error to device/hardisk if i click on help and support it says the fault is a faulty ribbon from harddrive to board replace ribbon any ideas help much appreciated

  Belatucadrus 11:26 11 Jun 2004

If it's in the guarantee take it back. If not then change the cable, I wouldn't recomend fiddling around inside a laptop unless you're confident you know what you are doing. So how you proceed from here depends a lot on you, DIY or get somebody to do it for you.

  john1000 18:32 11 Jun 2004

i would just like to say i have solved my problem the cause of the machine shutting off was the processor was getting too hot as the fan outlet was partually blocked with fluff took back off cleaned replaced never shut off yet fingers crossed does anybody know why it has logged error 11 pointing to a faulty ribbon when really the fault has been a processor getting to hot


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