Laptop Short-Circuited - What Now?

  mductan 18:34 10 Sep 2015

Hello. My laptop recently short-circuited when I plugged a (then unknowingly) plugged a faulty USB cable into it. Now, my laptop doesn't want to turn on: the fans hum a bit and the power indicator flashes but it shows no sign of life otherwise (even when I hook it up to a HDTV via hdmi cable.)

What should I do? I'm thinking of replacing what's broken but I'm really sure what is. (I suspect it's the motherboard, but I'm not a computer-wiz so I don't know)

  alanrwood 19:15 10 Sep 2015

From the info you give it is almost impossible to give an accurate response. If you are certain that the cable was faulty then only by having the laptop examined by a professional will give you an accurate diagnosis. However as you are talking about a laptop it is a definite possibility that the M/B has been damaged.

  bumpkin 20:34 10 Sep 2015

Very little information given. How do you know it has short circuited or that the cable is faulty. Please try to give a full explanation of exactly what happened.

  robin_x 23:11 10 Sep 2015

Remove battery and mains. Hold power button down for 1 min.

Try it on battery only and mains only (battery removed)

Thats about all you can do and I don't expect it will work.

You may be able to get a working motherboard for the exact same model from eBay if you are lucky.

Local repairer will quote quite a lot I would imagine.

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