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  oldbeefer2 14:05 19 Apr 2007

Evesham laptop (1 year old) with Netgear WG511 adaptor. Netgear DG834G router/modem. Windows XP Home with all updates/fixes. Daughter about to move into a flat and I am keen to set up her laptop to give her some security (WAP?). Have perused the Netgear manual, and got bogged down in what I need to do once I have accessed the router setup page. Could someone provide me with a step by step guide as to what I have to do with router (and laptop, if required) that I could print off and take with me, please. Many thanks, and thanks for all the past advice so willingly given on this forum. Richard

  Dipso 14:27 19 Apr 2007

You need to go to this page in the router interface click here

At the bottom where it says "Security option" choose WPA-PSK

Go to click here and formulate a password. Use the second one down for ultimate security Make sure you either print off the password or preferably put it on a memory stick or other removeable media as you will need it for the laptop.

Enter the password into the required field in the routers interface and click Apply.

Now go to the laptop and go Start > Control panel> Wireless Network Set up wizard and follow the wizard through entering the WPA passkey when requested.

That should be pretty much it.

Once you have the wireless network running OK you can make the connection more secure by changing the name of the wireless network from Netgear to something else and you can choose not to broadcast the name if you wish.

In addition if you wish you can restrict the machines permitted to connect, MAC adddress filtering.

I would also advise changing the routers password if not already done to make things a little more secure.

I hope this helps, can't be more specific as I no longer have the Netgear but it's pretty straightforward.

  Technotiger 14:29 19 Apr 2007

Hi, I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean, bear with me please - is your daughters' flat near you or away from home - in other words will she be connecting through your router or someone else's?

  Dipso 14:30 19 Apr 2007

A you have a USB dongle it may be necessary for you to use the utility that came with that to enter the passkey into the laptop rather than the wizard.

  jimmybond 14:35 19 Apr 2007

I used to have the DG834G, and the WG511 in an old laptop.
Setting up WPA-PSK wan't that easy - I had to patch the software for the adaptor, with a newer version, in order to recognise it. WEP is probably good enough anyway. as long as you have some form of security, I don't think there's any need to be overly paranoid.
Other than that - just do all the other stuff suggested - change router password, change SSID name and disable broadcast of it, enable MAC filtering...

  oldbeefer2 14:46 19 Apr 2007

Technotiger. She is moving into a flat In Bath - I'm in Shropshire. She will be using her present router and broadband connection, she just doesn't have any security enabled in her present house. Dipso - thanks again - I think I owe you at least a crate by now! The 511 is not USB - it plugs into the port on the side of the laptop? I'll follow your advice when I go down after she's moved in. P.S. Dipso - the Speechtouch has maintained the connection 100% since fitted!

  oldbeefer2 14:51 19 Apr 2007

jimmybond. The 511 is a version 3, so that may have included the 'fix'. I'll try it and see.

  jimmybond 14:53 19 Apr 2007

click here

"NETGEARā€™s WG511 provides both WEP and WPA-PSK (WPA-PSK available via firmware upgrade)"

You'll probably need to download a driver update, if you want to use WPA-PSK. Yes, the DG834G router supports it, but earlier versions of the Wg511 adaptor didn't.

  Technotiger 14:53 19 Apr 2007

OK - I would go with Dipso's directions then. Similarly my Partner's lappie and my desktop router are WPA-PSK protected.

  jimmybond 14:54 19 Apr 2007

The 511 is a version 3, so that may have included the 'fix'

ah right ok - I thought I'd warn you, just in case - as that's what I had to do, and had great difficulties with it even then ;-(

  Dipso 14:59 19 Apr 2007

Sorry I have the WG311 PCI type and presumed your daughters was the USB dongle type but the same principle applies.

Looking at the Netgear site...can only find v2?.. but I think WPA should be supported.

Glad to hear the Speedtouch is performing well1

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