laptop screen wire has broken off, yet screen works 100%?

  theDarkness 12:07 16 Jun 2012

One laptop wire has broken (black wire from the screen to motherboard),yet the display is still showing, so everyone still wants to use it. Should I simply cut the bare gold wire from its breaking point (whilst off), and hide it for now inside the casing until I can get someone to rewire properly (no tools here and will need more wire), or not them use it at all? I will assume the screen uses more than one black wire for a stronger connection/signal? I have been told when it broke it did not work, but was not having any issues when I powered it myself. Thanks for any tips, if anyone knows what would be best to do

  robin_x 12:21 16 Jun 2012

Might be a Wifi aerial wire.

Just wrap in a bit of insulating tape (or Sellotape) so it doesn't short to anything and hide till it can be fixed then.

  theDarkness 12:35 16 Jun 2012

thanks-I never thought of the possibility of wifi. It sounds like luck that the display is still working, but the laptop was on its way out anyway, a fairly poor build. I'll keep check on the display to see how it operates later on.

  onthelimit1 13:25 16 Jun 2012

Is there a built-in webcam? Could be that as well.

  theDarkness 14:31 16 Jun 2012

Theres no webcam, just a basic screen. Lifting it slightly shows this black broken wire, under the right hinge. Does anyone know if there is normally only one wire connecting a laptops screen to its motherboard? If not, then perhaps there is a similar on the opposite side (left hinge)

  onthelimit1 15:42 16 Jun 2012

There is normally a quite thick one which carries the video. There may also be one or two antenna cables, as mentioned before.

  robin_x 16:25 16 Jun 2012

A Wire has a single conductor.

A cable consists of multiple wires (or conductors), with an outer sheath.

Google your model and screen replacement

It should be clear from one of the guides.

Screen video cables have lots of connections.

Wifi aerial has one. But you may have two of them.

  theDarkness 13:56 17 Jun 2012

I have just tried the laptop out, and its working-connecting to the internet with no issues, but there is a difference. The laptops brightness option panel has changed, and is available only from the mobility options. I believe the previous brightness panel was available through personalization, but this option in personalization has disappeared. I may be wrong, but I know for definite that the vista brightness panel I used before does not look the same as it did. In the control panels mobility options, the full brightness is good and likely matches what windows allows as default, but I dont think its as bright as I was able to turn it to before. The intel gfx display options elsewhere for the board have not been removed from the system and are still available through the control panel. Could it be a co-incidence?

  robin_x 17:06 17 Jun 2012

You could spend hours and days fixing your laptop. (software wise). The broken wire may be a co-incidence.

If the screen and Wifi work, and the family are using it, forget it.

If it is too dim, have you had a look at Vista Power options and also laptop Function keys controlling brightness?

  theDarkness 18:34 17 Jun 2012

ah, that was it-the brightness setting via the power option. The full brightness setting via mobility is only half of what the brightness setting is via the power option, and I can still turn it up to max as before. So ignoring as to why windows has more than one place for brightness settings (!), it looks like its a co-incidence after all. The system will be replaced soon enough,the casing binned, keeping the hdd and dvd drive. Im less sure about the screen and board-if the cables are regarded as only part of the board, perhaps I could sell the other for small change. thanks :)

  theDarkness 18:38 17 Jun 2012

ps sellotape or similar didnt work for such a small split cable, so I ended up just cutting the bare gold wire that was showing whilst the machine was off and simply fitting it within the screen casing. That will do for now, no issues thankfully

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