Laptop Screen, Strange lines down left side.

  Slamdunka 23:52 28 Apr 2008

So today I opened my acer aspire 5100 and i logged on to vista. And as i was getting started i noticed a small (width) yellow line which went top to bottom on the left. I thought something was wrong with the screen. So i emailed acer and that was not a big help. Now i have 3 lines that change colors and i am worried more will appear. Later on i applied presure and pushed left and they went away. But i am not sure how to keep it there. After i let go and the screen moved a little right and the lines appered. I think this is becuase something moved the screen right weather it was from a trip or something else. What can i do to get rid of the stripes or vertically adjust the laptop? Thanks Slamdunka

  Widow's Son 00:31 29 Apr 2008

I'd let whoever sold it to you fix it - you talk about a trip but don't seem sure - if you can't remember doing anything that could have damaged the laptop I wouldn't be guessing while talking to them - warranties only cover it if it is the result of parts being defective.

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