Laptop screen problems

  281apple 08:27 18 Dec 2004

Hi all, Got a laptop HP and it has worked fine for 7 months. Yesterday, opened the lid and turned it on and there was nothing on the screen but rapidly flooting images like on a VHS tape which is blurred. I think it is a virus problem but a guy told me it could be a cable or other type of problem. Any help before drastically reinstalling everything? Thanks.

  jack 08:55 18 Dec 2004

Morning 'R' may as well put my thoughts here.
My guess is a cracked connector ribbon between screen and body.
Dont know if they are replaceable - I think they are hardwired to the screen end in which case
new screen, very expensive.

  Graham ® 10:02 18 Dec 2004

You may have accidently switched to an external monitor/projector mode. Press Fn key, bottom left, and one other (they vary, but may be F5) to revert to laptop screen.

  jack 10:09 18 Dec 2004

Graham may have a point, seeing that you managed to run a 'clean' external monitor.
Further to my own doom laden thoughts it may also be only a loosened connector at the machine side and simply needs pushing home- means opening up the machine though.

  Satmansq 10:21 18 Dec 2004

If Grahams response does not work, did you buy the laptop new because if so then it should still be covered by warranty.

  Graham ® 19:53 18 Dec 2004

Email received:

'Interesting approach. Would this be the same if when I connected to laptop to an external monitor it worked automatically AND CLEAR AND EASY TO READ; However, it was still visible on the laptop's screen but all slurred and unreadable.'

Please respond in the thread using 'Add a new response' below.

Yes, if the laptop has adapted to the external monitor, there is an option to display on the monitor at the same time.

  menorcarob2 09:19 27 Jul 2005

i have the same problem, could you tell me how you solve it. thanks

  Graham ® 09:30 27 Jul 2005

I suggest starting a new subject, describing your problem and what you have tried. As this thread is closed, the poster will not know you have responded.

  Newuser959 17:06 11 Apr 2006

I can hardly see the screen, is brigtht for about 2 seconds when switching on, then goes very dim. Help?

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