CREATPEACE 04:56 11 Aug 2016

Looking at new screens, even with 4K or retina resolution, I am disappointed in them compared to my old one from 2005, Toshiba Qosmio G25-AV513, 17-inch, 1440x900 wxga-plus laptop with TruBrite display.

Toshiba's TruBrite may refer to an anti-reflective top layer (polarizer) to a glossy screen. I hear Sony xbrite and hp briteview did the same thing. I hear that matte is richer than glossy, but glossy with anti-reflectant is richer than matte. Are there any current laptops with a related screen?

The TruBrite result is richer, brighter, more detail, better blacks than current screens I have seen. The new screens, even 4K and retina, seem to me cooler, more distant, flatter, more simplified, less body, harder, less subtle than my wonderful trubrite. It is almost as though the TruBrite image exists within a rectangular shallow "box" rather than simply on a flat surface. How can this be?????

Please, can you help me to find a current laptop screen, USA, any price, that can measure up for looking at my art photos! Also, could you mention whether you have seen a TruBrite screen and whether you know the reason for the "magic" I describe. THANK YOU, Evelyn Berk

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