Laptop screen goes blank

  cherria 12:47 28 Oct 2004

I have a dell Latitude C610 which when I use it, after a random time, the screen will go dark. The screen is still on, but the backlight has gone out so, you can still see th eLCD screen if you hold it under a bright light.

If left until the screen goes off due to power save options and then move the mouse, the screen will come back alive but then the backlight may go out again.

I have all the most up to date drivers on XP SP2 but am at a loss unless its hardware related.

  MeV1 13:28 28 Oct 2004

Check that you arent accidentaly pressing a hidden button where the lid closes. Many laptops have a little switch inside where the lid catch slides into the base that turns the screen off when the lid is closed to save power. make sure there isnt anything pressing it down or you are knocking it.

  Graham ® 13:36 28 Oct 2004

The backlight tube may be failing, and that could be expensive. Here's a picture of one:

click here

  cherria 14:01 28 Oct 2004

Thanks, but this model has a magnetic sensor, not a button and the screen does not completely shut down, the backlight just goes out.

Graham ® - Thanks, I followed some links and at least it lead me to a component supplier if I fancy taking apart my LCD :-((

It does seem a little odd that it sits there working then just goes dark all of a sudden. If it was failing, I could understand if it did not come on accasionally, but this is never the case.

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