Laptop screen faulty need to get photos off

  Kev_alan 19:07 22 Apr 2008

Ok heres my problem

My friends dropped her laptop round to me tonight as PC World are replacing her laptop tomorrow for her,

Now is there any way i can retreive the photos of the laptop as i cant use the main laptop screen as its cracked,

i have tried to hook a normal vga monitor upto it but nothing,

any ideas guys need help on this one

Cheers all


  john bunyan 19:23 22 Apr 2008

Do you and she have a wired or wireless network? If so you could share her files and copy the photos to your HDD or DVD's. Hopefully you could do all this from your dsesktop without her screen working. I'm a bit unsure of this, but worth a try!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:24 22 Apr 2008

have tried to hook a normal vga monitor upto it but nothing,

there will be key combination to press to switch to external monitor, usually Fn + F7 or F5, look for a monitor symbol square on one of the keys.

  johnnyrocker 19:33 22 Apr 2008

put her hd i na caddy and connect to your macine?


  jack 19:36 22 Apr 2008

Plug your VGA monitor to laptop VGA inlet.
As FruitBat says you may have to figure out how to switch- a Key combvination
Some machines detect the VGA and do it them selves
Just have a poke around - extra symbols on a key edge for example- perhaps colour blue.
So look for a blue control key and hit the screen symbol
They all vary- just have a poke around
Hey get her to bring the Manual if she can find it ;-)

  Kev_alan 02:21 23 Apr 2008

Cheers everyone,

found the key that switches to the external monitor

got all her photos and docs backed up now,

Many thaks -


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