Laptop Screen Dull on Battery Power

  Chrisann 16:12 26 Mar 2007

Laptop is 4 months old. I usually use it plugged in..but when I use it on Battery power the screen is very dull...Is this normal? It will last approx 2 hours on Battery but because of this I usually plug it in.

Any comments please.?

Thanks Chrisann

  tullie 16:19 26 Mar 2007

I have got an Acer,the power setting is Balenced,which gives me about two and a half hours.If i change these setting,to brighten the screen,this reduces battery life.Details of laptop please

  Chrisann 16:43 26 Mar 2007

H.P. Compaq Presario 15" Widescreen Model purchased November 2006.


  Why wont it work 17:18 26 Mar 2007

Yes it is normal. The screen uses a light, which uses up battery. Therefore to lengthen the battery life the light is dulled when using the laptop with just its battery, so it uses up less power. There is mostly likely a setting to change it if you look in your manual. I cannot advise on your particular laptop as they are all so different!

  Legolas 17:55 26 Mar 2007

my laptop also goes goes dimmer when I

  Legolas 17:59 26 Mar 2007

my laptop screen also dims when I unplug the power cable but not very much. You might be able to brighten it by using the functions keys on mine I press thr FN key and the F7 together.

  Weskit 18:28 26 Mar 2007

Doesn't your manual help? My Medion manual has explicit instructions for all sorts of adjustments using various function keys. Fn + F7 brightens the screen on battery but of course battery life is shortened.

  dms05 19:41 26 Mar 2007

It's actually a Windows function accessed through Control Panel > Power Settings. You can chose how you want your computer to behave when operating on mains and battery. You can set it up to be a laptop or desktop and so on. Each gives the opportunity to change things like screen brightness. It's just possible that when you chose the Power Settings option it may direct you to a specific version supplied by the laptop manufacturer. But it's easy to change many different parameters like how soon before the HDD turns off or the screen turns off.

  laurie53 19:44 26 Mar 2007

Try looking in the Power settings in Control Panel, or in the Display settings.

My wife's new Tosh was so dim we coul;d hardly use it, but I managed to find the setting to set it to stay bright


  Chrisann 12:37 27 Mar 2007

Thanks. I will look at my settings etc. As for Instruction Booklet that came with it. Not much info in that at all really. But the online Help page may help me...I guess.

But will give it a try. Thanks again.


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