Laptop screen doesn't always come on

  SparkyMarky 14:20 01 Aug 2005


Just got a new Dell Latitude X1 laptop, and I've set the power features so that when I close the lid nothing is supposed to happen (although it turns the screen off). But about one time in four, when I open it up, the screen stays dark despite pressing keys and touching the touchpad. I have to hibernate it and then unhibernate it to get it working again. It clearly hasn't crashed because I can still hear system noises if an email arrives, for example. Have I got a dodgy laptop or is there something I'm doing wrong?

cheers in advance


  jack 14:30 01 Aug 2005

Is the screeen truly 'dark' - No image or can you see it but it is not illuminated?

It is a connection problem thats for sure either the data cable or the power for the screen light which comes from an inverter in the main machine.
Either way - New Machine -back to vendor.

  SparkyMarky 14:59 01 Aug 2005

Yup, definitely completely dark. Any idea why it's just that the screen stays off after closing the lid has turned it off? It never goes off spontaneously on its own, like I say - only after I've closed the lid. But cheers for that.


  SparkyMarky 20:19 04 Aug 2005

Well, I found an updated graphics driver for the laptop on the Intel site, installed it, and so far - fingers crossed - everything's been fine, so it seems to have been a software problem rather than hardware. Thank God!!! :))


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