Laptop screen damaged I need help!!

  Deont333 03:03 26 May 2017

So my hp laptop screen is damaged, how can i get it to mirror on a new 21k hp monitor if i cant see my laptop screen??

  Archonar 08:49 26 May 2017

Press the windows button + p, then if you're on win7 or below push the right arrow once and hit enter, or if you're win8 or above push the down arrow once and press enter. That should go to the duplicate setting for projectors if nothing is showing on the tv at the moment when it is plugged in. You will have to have logged in by that point though, so you may have to guess your way through windows login!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:53 26 May 2017

or look for a F key with a blue square (screen symbol)

press Fn + the F key once to change to external + LCD again to change tp external only and again to change just to laptop LCD. wait between presses

  Archonar 13:44 26 May 2017

Fruit bat's idea is much better, that may work without needing to log in I think.

  [DELETED] 20:17 26 May 2017

Don't know if it will work from the lock screen and as you're working in the dark, wait for the hard drive light to settle down. That means your on the Lock screen.

Tap F4 and wait a second. That would open the screen options. Tap F4 to the option you need;

If it works from the lock screen remember that you're a dead duck if ever you need to get to UEFI or safe mode.

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