laptop screen blank when memory upgraded

  techy gal 12:40 21 Jul 2006

I have just tried to upgrade the memory for a friend's Compaq Armada E500 laptop. I bought 2 sticks of 256 Mb Ram PC133 144-pin SODIMM (Kingston). When I go to boot up the fan appears to start but the screen remains blank. I don't think it's booting at all because when it boots normally with the previous memory installed (2 x 64Mb) a series of lights flashing and some beeps indicate the boot up. These are not happening at all. The only light I have is the battery light. Can anyone help?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:08 21 Jul 2006

What happens when you just try one stick?

Will it work with the old RAM in situ?

  Belatucadrus 13:11 21 Jul 2006

First thoughts are that the new memory isn't quite located properly yet, have a look at the retaining clips, they'll only go back in place fully when the module is properly seated. It could also be that the new RAM is faulty. Have you tried putting the old RAM back to see if it boots with that in place ?

  techy gal 13:16 21 Jul 2006

the machine boots fine when I replace the old RAM. I have sort of double checked the seating - wiggled it, made sure the clips are 'clipped' if you get me.
One stick of RAM won't boot either - i presumed that 2 identical sticks of RAM were required. I have actually even tried a 512MB with one of the original RAM sticks but that don't boot neither!

  brundle 13:19 21 Jul 2006

Crucial recommend exactly what you have too, so should work (click here) Perhaps the RAM is faulty?

  techy gal 13:23 21 Jul 2006

Thanks for that brundle - for some reason I couldn't find that before. It's nice to see in writing that I'm along the right lines!
This memory thing is getting really expensive. Means I shall have to buy 2 more sticks just to see if the last 2 I bought are duff. Of course if they are at least I would know it's not me!

  brundle 13:28 21 Jul 2006

The E500 isn't listed in the drop down menus, I looked up E700 and changed the URL, did the trick

Surely you can return them? Or get two from Crucial to check and return those if you find it doesn't solve the problem.

Any BIOS updates for laptop that might help?

  techy gal 13:51 21 Jul 2006

aha - that'll be it then!
Good idea about returning. I can't do that with the first ones as they were a dabs special where an order has been placed and then returned. Looks like trying to save a few quid wasn't the best idea.
I'll go with buying some more and see what happens.
thanks a lot!

  techy gal 13:53 21 Jul 2006

oops - meant to add - can you tell me where i might find any BIOS updates and how I would do that.
I can install memory and other components but when people start talking BIOS I'm a bit of a muppet!

  Belatucadrus 13:55 21 Jul 2006

Looking here click here there seem to be several variants on an E500 and some of them seem to max out at 256Mb others at 512Mb. If it's one of the 256Mb models, maybe it needs a BIOS update ?
Try it with a single 256Mb module in place.

  brundle 14:05 21 Jul 2006

click here would seem to be the place. usually the files can be placed on a bootable floppy or burned to cd for writing to the bios, but dont do it unless you are sure it will help - check what problem(s) the updates solve

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