Laptop S-video to tv: version 2

  mark e 17:19 12 Oct 2003

click here

I went to maplins and changed the lead again for a composite s-video & stereo sound to scart as suggested in click here the last link and the picture is still in black & white.

I am now down to my last ten Hairs. Has anyone any other suggestions PLEASE.


  fitshase 17:26 12 Oct 2003

Have you tried searching through all of the AV channels on your TV?

Also, have you tried plugging the lead and computer into a video and then connecting the video to the TV?

Just a couple of things to try.



  johnnyrocker 17:29 12 Oct 2003

just a thought my pc has svs out and if the lead is not pushed firmly homeb/w pics will be had, it is a fickle connection, however as i was making vcr tapes from pc playback i had a different prob but both were resolved by a visit to click here re my nvidia graphics card and for £9 got sorted with excellent colour results.
just a thought it might help.



  mark e 17:31 12 Oct 2003

Thanks tried the first but not the second?
I might keep the remaining hair, I 'll let you know.


  mark e 17:39 12 Oct 2003

Thanks for thinking of me lads its still B&W. And I'm going balder by the second.

  mark e 20:13 12 Oct 2003

only got 1 hair left

  ollie < one> 22:01 12 Oct 2003

had the same prob with connecting my pc to my tv to view music files etc...will repost as replies helped big style with lots of answers

  hugh-265156 00:41 13 Oct 2003

just bumpin it up again for you,i take it the last post in click here didnt help then?

  hugh-265156 01:08 13 Oct 2003

click here might be worth trying also,ya never know.

  mark e 15:21 13 Oct 2003

Now I'm bald any more ideas please.

  mark e 19:57 13 Oct 2003

Its time for the so-called experts on this thread
HP / Compaq.
"Dear Mark,

I see that you are unable to view the display on TV after connecting to

It is apparent that your issue requires the personal attention of a HP representative in your region. I have forwarded your message to our Quality Support Group. One of the representatives from that group will be contacting you within five business days.

Thank you for taking time to contact us.


Neelima Prasad
HP Total Care

Will let you know the results - if any.


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