Laptop S-Video to TV

  mark e 16:05 10 Oct 2003

Can anyone help, I can only get a black & white Picture on the telly. I have played with all the settings and checked the documentation but still no luck.

Has onyone any suggestions other than buying a dvd player.

Cheers Mark

  y_not 16:17 10 Oct 2003

I take it that you are using an S-Video to SCART adapter?

These cause that problem (b/w picture) - I was told that the only way to get colour is to bypass the adapter and plug the S-video connector straight into the TV ......... problem was I didn't have a TV with an S-video connector that was why I was using the adapter

  hugh-265156 16:21 10 Oct 2003

check your graphics card settings/tv out are set to pal(uk) and not ntsc(jap us)plug you scart into av1 on the tv this will higher quality connection and will on most newish tvs also support ntsc signals.

  mark e 16:21 10 Oct 2003

You are right about5 the ends of the lead but its not using an adapter I bought the lead ready made Svid to scart.


  mark e 16:23 10 Oct 2003

huggy71 There is only 1 scart plug on the tv and the settings have been changed to PAL1

  hugh-265156 16:28 10 Oct 2003

have you selected the s video input on your tv remote?

  hugh-265156 16:31 10 Oct 2003

sorry you are using scart to the tv end,forgot to refresh my page.

b/w normally means you are outputing an ntsc signal to a non ntsc,pal only tv.regardless of wether using s video or scart.

check all your settings in control panel/display/settings/advanced.

  mark e 16:31 10 Oct 2003

I have There is a faint detection of colour but you have to look hard to see it.

  mark e 16:36 10 Oct 2003

Settings just checked and all appear to be in order? Could it be that the TV is incapable as its an 11 year old sony portable?

  hugh-265156 16:43 10 Oct 2003

it could you have a svideo output the tv might not handle it.

have you another tv set you can try it with?

you may have got a svid to composite adapter with the laptop(yellow phono connection)all tvs will accept a composite signal even older will either have to insert this to the video in on the tv(under the flap probally)or if you dont have the video in on the tv,buy an svideo to composite adapter(plug into the laptop) and a composite to scart adapter(join to the adapter on the laptop) and connect the scart end to the tv this way.maplins will do them.

  mark e 16:46 10 Oct 2003

Will try the Main box downstairs & let you know if it works

Thanks Mark.

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