Laptop running very slow

  daisy2bell 13:08 23 Oct 2006

I have a laptop
Acer Aspire 1400XC
Intel Pentium 4 1.7Ghz
20 GB Ultra ATA/100 HDD
Win XP home SP2
Apart from pre-loaded software, all I have on the system is:
SpyBot, Adaware, SpywareBlaster, CCleaner, Windows Defender, Advanced windows care V2, itunes 7, limewire, Microsoft word, Diskeeper, Free Asmw PC Optimizer Pro,Mcafe firewall, AVG,AOL.

Despite running all the spyware utilities, defragings etc, the laptop is running very slow.
I have been to the Acer website, but there does not seem to be any updates for drivers etc.
Is there anything I could do to make the machine run any faster?
For example if I installed an extra 256 RAM?


  birdface 13:24 23 Oct 2006

Get rid of limewire.Go into microsoft,Find Windows One Care safety Scan,Make sure it is the scan and not the full program, Do a full System Scan,Takes over an hour,Depends on your speed,That will clear anything out of your computer,Spyware viruses,Cleans up old programs ,Does a defrag, and will clear your registry of old programs no longer in use,And its free,Probably got your problem from limewire,Maybe someone will help you with an alternative downloader.

  daisy2bell 15:23 23 Oct 2006

Thanks buteman
I'll give that scan a try. It doesn't make a diference wether limewire is installed or not it's just as slow with or without limewire.

Any other input gratefuly accepted

  Strawballs 16:03 23 Oct 2006

It is not the Limewire that slows it down it could be something that you got from using it, that is why buteman said to get rid of!

  dave726587 16:37 23 Oct 2006

have you had antvirus protection and firewall protection since the first time you got your laptop? I had a simular laptop before but it was and aspire 1300 with a 1.69ghz athlon xp. I didnt have any protection on it then because i didnt no much about computers back then, the the computer ended up going SOOOOooooooooo slow. The finaly my brother cleaned everything up on it and installed all internet security software, but nothing changed it just stayed slow so i just ended up reinsatlling windows. You could try a ram upgrade first. Dont reinstall windows because you may have a different problem.

  anskyber 16:45 23 Oct 2006

I see you have Diskeeper. Your laptop will be slowed up quite significantly in my experience if you have it set to the "set it and forget it" settings. In that setting it will defrag as needed but at a cost.

On my laptop I only use it "manually" to defrag with Diskeeper, its fine on my PC though.

  daisy2bell 20:44 23 Oct 2006

I have now set Diskeeper to manual.
Have also reduced the size of "restore" to about one third. It was on maximum.
This seems to have made it somewhat quicker, but still much slower than my PC and other laptop.
Would the doubling of RAM to 512MB make much diference. (I have at the moment only 256MB

  Jake_027 20:52 23 Oct 2006

My gran had a Packard Bell laptop with 256mb of Ram and it was really slow despite having no viruses etc (i cheecked with spybot, adaware and Mcafee). I installed an extra 512MB of RAM at £48.99 from PC world and it made tons of difference, it went from taking 2 minutes to load AOL to loading it instantly. Also get it yourself from PC world I wrote down all the details for my gran on a post it note and PC world got it wrong giving her RAM for a desktop despite the note saying it was for a Notebook, it needed to be SODIMM and 200 pin PC world gave her RAM for a desktop that was 184 pin and DIMM not SODIMM despite the correct RAM being on the shelf above when we had to go and change it.

  daisy2bell 20:58 23 Oct 2006

Thanks Jake_027, I'll probably get an extra 256 or even 512 and hopefully it will be better.

  anskyber 23:26 23 Oct 2006

"Would the doubling of RAM to 512MB make much diference"

Yes it should, try here for advice and click scan my system. I promise its safe. click here

  woodchip 23:30 23 Oct 2006

To speed my Laptop up I fitted a 60Gb 7200RPM Hitachi TravlStar. As the on in the Laptop when I got it was as your's Slow and disc reading all the time it was a Hitachi TravelStart 30Gb but only 4200 rpm. I also fitted another 256mb Ram taking it up to 512mb

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