Laptop Running Hot / Windows mail files

  Joe G 21:07 20 Sep 2011

My Toshiba laptop seems to be running very hot - any one know what may be the cause - concerned it is going to die soon. Also where can I find my Windows mail messages and contacts so I can transfer them to another machine in case worst happens?

Thanks for any help

  northumbria61 21:13 20 Sep 2011

To back up your Windows Mail messages and Contacts - enter link description here Overheating could be due to blocked fan (ie dust.) assuming fan is running. Carefully clean out vent either blowing or with soft brush.

  Joe G 18:24 21 Sep 2011

Thanks for that - much appreciated

  woodchip 20:30 21 Sep 2011

It's the Heat Sink that gets blocked. And you need to Part Dismantle the Laptop to clear it

  woodchip 20:31 21 Sep 2011

Do not use on Soft Furnishings or Carpet as these are worst things for blocking the Laptop along with Cigarette Smoke

  Joe G 13:33 22 Sep 2011

That sounds complicated! Does it require much dismantling - if so I would probably take it to a repairer

  woodchip 11:13 23 Sep 2011

If you never took a Laptop apart, I suggest you leave it to some one who as. Its not a Easy Job all the screws are different lengths and sizes, and need to go back in the correct holes screen may need removing, depending on the Laptop strip Down. HeatSink most likely top left corner of laptop, air exit should tell you. air goes in at the bottom and comes out side edge or back edge

  Joe G 22:41 23 Sep 2011

Thanks - may be worth an expert looking at it - any idea how much it would cost - balancing up the cost of getting a new one against repairs as it also needs a new battery :-(

  rdave13 23:03 23 Sep 2011

For mail backup have a look here

Will also backup your calender.

As for the laptop, search around for a new one, of similar price you paid for the one you have, and I'm sure you'll have a lappy with better specification.

  Joe G 23:31 23 Sep 2011

Thanks - wondering if the cost of replacement (about £300) would be similar to fixing? Its a 17" Toshiba so shame to consign to bin if not ncessary.

  rdave13 23:58 23 Sep 2011

Contact Toshiba from here, Toshiba-Europe and get a quote for repair.

If quote excessive then backup your data as soon as you can and carry on using your laptop. Sometimes just blowing through the vents, using something like a cocktail stick to gently stop the CPU fan from spinning, can dislodge some dust and help cooling. Something to try anyway. Good luck.

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