Laptop repairs

  User-178B1969-F959-4061-B903850C8633FA6E 11:38 10 Jan 2006

Can anyone advise if it easy to repair laptops.
I have noted some courses on ebay which show how to repair without any knowledge. Apparently its that easy, with a litte practise.
I would be gratefuly for any comments.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:44 10 Jan 2006

Due to their size laptops are extremely difficult to repair or upgrade. getting spares is horrendously expensive and not as easy as computer spares. many people will not pay the costs and laptops are usually replaced by insurers. I have never seen an advert for laptop repairs but this may be a good thing however I would bet that this would not be a viable business.


  Diodorus Siculus 11:46 10 Jan 2006

It's easy from the software side - a reinstallation of software is not a great problem.

From the hardware side of things, it can't be so easy: RAM and hard disks are usually the only removable components. Optical drives are sometimes removable.

Changing a motherboard battery is not so difficult.

Anything more than that is pretty akward though I should have thought - not least getting the parts.

  Belatucadrus 12:30 10 Jan 2006

When my FIC died recently and refused to respond to any of my remedial efforts, I looked up laptop repairers on Google. They are there to be found but they appear to be expensive and when I compared prices of a possible ( no guarantees ) repair and a replacement from Dell The entry level laptop was the more cost effective option. Maybe if I'd had something less archaic than a 300Mhz AMD I'd have reached a different conclusion.

  Totally-braindead 12:45 10 Jan 2006

This is one of the main reasons I won't have a laptop. I dismantled one once and it was one hell of a job getting it back together and as the others have pointed out the parts are generally non standard and are expensive. You can replace CDROMs and hard drives easily enough providing they are removable but if they are not you have to dismantle the laptop to get at the old hard drive, a nightmare. As an example of what I mean, a friend of mine bought 4 old Dell laptops off Ebay all non working. We managed to get 2 working laptops out of the 4 using the parts from all 4. But I hasten to add we only managed to do this because the hard drive popped out the side as did the CDROM drive. So in this case it was just a matter of shifting a lever to remove the old one and clipping the new one in.

Whoever is selling these courses on Ebay obviously wants to make it look as easy as possible which it isn't in my opinion at least.
Repairing a desktop PC is one thing, repairing a laptop is quite another.

A general thanks for all those who gave their opinion.
Apparently service books are provided and anyone with a litle practice can learn to repair the most common laptops.
I found it hard to believe that just anyone can repair laptops. Apparently there is not much that can go wrong with them.
From this response that seems unlikely.

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