Laptop Recommendations

  Gavro2 21:59 20 Nov 2005

I am completely lost when it comes to the vast array of Laptops available on today’s market. Could anyone recommend any laptop models in particular which you have found to have good features, eg. battery life, reliability, warranty, price vs. value, etc.?
I don’t plan on using it for gaming or other purposes which may require the most up-to-date processor technology, so processor speed is not a major issue. Thanks.

  matto 06:34 21 Nov 2005

hey, bite the bullet and go for a tablet - it's like a laptop except you can write on it with your own handwriting.

I've been using my HP TC1100 tablet laptop for a year and a half now, its great. The processor is fast enough, it can connect to wireless devices and to bluetooth device. It's light, very portable and quite sturdy too... I've dropped more than once.

It costs around £1k so it's not the cheapest, but it is the future and its so nice to read your laptop like you would an A4 pad or magazine.


  stylehurst 14:18 21 Nov 2005

Have a look at the Novatech site they give good service & support

  palinka 18:32 22 Nov 2005

Don't know how mush you want to spend, but if you want domething basic you need spend only around £400-£500. WE have 2 local PC shops each of which has laptops for that price.

  ade.h 22:41 22 Nov 2005

I'll have to be a bit presumptuous and assume that you have a reasonable low-midrange budget.

My HP nx8220 (750 version, which is 1.86ghz) is absolutely top draw in almost every respect. It's only two weeks old, so for all I know it could break tomorrow! But I doubt it.

The build is up to HP's usual high standard.

Performance is excellent.

Battery life - how does over 3 hrs with solid use sound? That's twice what my partner's Sony manages. And to think the Sony was going to be mine!

It's very good spec for the money (£915 inc VAT). You could easily opt for the 740 version at £35 less, but you would also lose the all-format DVD writer for a CD-RW/DVD-rom instead.

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