Laptop RAM upgrade - how much difference

  iamalipaul 09:12 05 Feb 2010

Hi all

I have a Toshiba L450D laptop with 1Gb RAM running windows7, and yes it is quite slow when booting up and surfing.

I'm thinking of adding another 2gb, I know it should make it faster, so has anyone done this to a similar machine and did it make an apprieciable difference?

thanks in advance

  howard64 10:02 05 Feb 2010

you will notice a difference but not necessarily as much as you think. Look in start - run and type msconfig then enter. Click in the startup tab top rightish and see how many boxes on the left hand side have a tick in them. I only have ticks in the virus checker, graphics card driver and firewall. Take ticks out and restart. When it gets going place a tick in the box on the left. If you take a lot of ticks out you are stopping many progs starting and running in the background which is slowing everything up.

  iamalipaul 10:30 05 Feb 2010

Thanks Howard

yes there are a lot of background programs that start on boot up, I'll look at that tonight.

Maybe save a bit of money and get 1 gb ram instead?

  iamalipaul 19:42 05 Feb 2010

^ ^

  iamalipaul 20:00 07 Feb 2010

Thanks Howard

followed your advice and boot up is quicker. I may buy the extra RAM anyway.

  iamalipaul 20:09 07 Feb 2010

resolved now I think.

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