Laptop purchase help

  nottmtom 13:00 06 May 2014

Hi guys

I'm looking at getting a laptop but im really stuck as to what would be the best option for me. The 1 laptop I've seen HERE that I thought would be suitable has a bad review on here and its put me off making the leap and buying it.

The laptop will be used mainly for

  • Microsoft works.
  • ITunes
  • Internet (obviously)
  • Football Manager (this is the only type of gaming I would be be doing on the laptop as I have a PS3 for everything else)

Considering the above have you guys any advise which laptop would be best or which would be most suitable and then look at upgrades / additions? or what sort of spec I need to be looking at.

appreciate any help or advice you guys can offer :)



  wee eddie 13:34 06 May 2014

I may be wrong but I haven't heard of Microsoft Works for several, years now and had assumed that it was dead.

MS Office has become the, de facto, program of choice. Although "Libre Office" is free and for simple word-processing and Spread sheets, as good as they come.

  nottmtom 14:14 06 May 2014

that's the one MS Office....!!! my bad!

  chub_tor 15:53 06 May 2014

It's a personal choice but I would rather have this Acer EL 572 and use the free Libre Office. Better reviews than the Lenovo.

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